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 Advocacy 101 trainings

WREN trains groups across the state on issues affecting women and girls, while also providing information on the legislative process and how to advocate. During legislative session, we also encourage advocates to meet us at the Statehouse to engage legislators directly in a supportive group setting.  

If you have a group or organization that is interested in receiving an Advocacy 101 training or advocating at the statehouse contact Kayla Mallett at .


WREN’s Workforce Advisory Group for Equity (WAGE) consists of leaders from diverse industries and backgrounds, who are committed to WREN’s efforts to support women in the workforce. Advisors provide input on strategies to increase women’s participation and advancement in South Carolina’s workforce, including: hiring and recruiting practices; training and educational opportunities; shaping workplace and public policies; and other key strategies. If you are interested in learning more about WAGE, contact Brandi Parrish Ellison, Director of Policy and Government Relations at

Have expertise?
WREN’s Strategic Technical Advisory Group includes individuals who have special expertise that is relevant to WREN’s mission and to our educational, advocacy and political activities. These experts work in medicine, public health, law, economics, advocacy, and more. Advisors provide input and expertise to WREN staff and board members on an as-needed basis, and from time to time, the staff or board may engage advisers in projects or initiatives. If you believe you can help, please contact  


To improve the prospects of future generations of South Carolinians, it is crucial to invest in the health, economic stability, and leadership potential of women. WREN is a 501(c)(3) statewide advocacy network that advances women’s and girls’ opportunities across multiple issues areas, from health to education to economic opportunities to freedom from violence to leadership.

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Like a nest, there are many materials and components necessary to make a stable, safe, and sustainable structure. Your contribution to WREN, big or small, is essential in the same way. Consider being a founding member of The WREN’s Nest Society. Learn more about the Society here.