South Carolina Gender Justice Advocacy Fellowship

The South Carolina Gender Justice Advocacy Fellowship is a 6-month-long fellowship program designed to reimagine advocacy to reflect a broader representation of our communities’ perspectives and experiences. Fellows will gain access to tools and skills needed to influence public policy in South Carolina, while engaging in the legislative process during an active legislative session.

The Fellowship begins with a virtual orientation in December. Beginning in January, each 1-2 day session is themed with a component of advocacy and will feature guest presenters, group activities, and hands-on advocacy experience.

Currently, all activities are scheduled to be offered virtually via Zoom.

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The Fellows Cohort

We seek to build a statewide cohort and we seek to prioritize the involvement of communities and organizations who represent those most impacted by systemic oppression, including women, non-binary and gender expansive people, low-income people, Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color, and people with disabilities. We will recruit leaders who are working with organizations and community groups that seek to be more engaged in policy and advocacy, but who lack trained staff and dedicated resources. The program is free for participating Fellows, and we will make every effort to address any physical, financial, or other barriers to participation that potential Fellows may face. The application process opens in September, and the first cohort of Fellows will be announced in November.

Fellowship Agenda

Session Schedule

December 9, 2021

Fellows Orientation

During orientation, fellows will receive an overview of the program's content and logistics, a synopsis of the urgent need which led to the creation of the program, and a brief introduction to WREN.

January 13/14, 2022

Intro to Gender Justice, Advocacy, and Legislative Advocacy

Topics and activities include
  • What is Gender Justice?
  • Gathering information and using data
  • Advocacy 101 training
  • Panel discussion on intersectional gender justice issues
  • SC legislature 101 Training - SC legislative process
  • Using the Statehouse app/website
  • Class Project Overview

February 10-11, 2022

Communications and Advocacy

Topics and activities include
  • Crafting and employing effective messaging
  • Using social media and traditional media to get the word out
  • Potential panel OR interview with organizations working project topics
  • Group work: Create mini social media campaign for project

March 10-11, 2022

South Carolina Statehouse and Legislative Advocacy

Topics and activities include
  • Tour of Statehouse grounds
  • Role play meeting with policymaker
  • Project groups meet with legislators about the topic they are covering
  • Attend a legislative hearing
  • Debrief from hearings and 1:1 meeting with legislators
  • Testifier training
  • Deeper dive into Statehouse and policy structures: Caucus vs. committee, hearings, Joint committee meetings, Budget

April 7-8, 2022

Community Advocacy and Activism

Topics and activities include
  • Group Advocacy and event organizing
  • Direct Action: Where advocacy and activism meet
  • Group Activity: Case Study of an issue or situation
  • Panel Discussion with advocates who have led a Direct Action
  • Potential time at the South Carolina Statehouse
  • Group project collaboration time

May 12-13, 2022

Resourcing the Work and Assessing Capacity

Topics and activities include
  • How to fund the work- questions to consider
  • Tracking and reporting lobbying efforts
  • Potential Panel Discussion

June 9, 2022

Project Presentations and Matriculation

Activities include
  • Presentation of projects
  • Evaluation-feedback gathered from fellows
  • Ceremony honoring participants