Health and Education Resources

Abortion Access Resources

Abortion access should be available and accessible for everyone, no matter their identity, circumstances or location. No one should have to face hurdles to accessing essential abortion care. If abortion becomes inaccessible in your state, people and partners are here to ensure people can get care. Read More

Trans in the South: A Directory of Trans-Affirming Health & Legal Service Providers

Trans in the South: A Directory of Trans-Affirming Health & Legal Service Providers, is a directory of more than 400 Southern health service providers who are trans-affirming.

You’ll find lists of trans-friendly mental health providers, primary care physicians, HIV care specialists, attorneys, endocrinologists, and more across 13 Southern states. In addition to a virtual, searchable directory, we’ve also compiled resources to assist with funding medical transition and helpful information about insurance coverage.

We hope this resource guide helps people access the services they need to survive and to thrive. Read More

Economic Opportunity Resources

In corporate America, women fall behind early and keep losing ground with every step.

This easy to read and shareable study provides recent data regarding patterns of employment and suggests priorities for leaders seeking to speed the rate or progress. Read More

Freedom From Violence Resources

Intimate partner violence against women is all too common and takes many forms.

This annual report prepared by the Violence Policy Center explains the reality of homicides committed against females by single male offenders. Read More

Leadership and Civic Engagement

Women are still outnumbered by men in the most prestigious positions, from Capitol Hill to the board room.

Check out this article and engaging infographic series that examines the causes of women’s under-representation in leadership roles. We can change the status of women. Read More