Seen & Heard: Women and Girls in the Midlands

Seen & Heard: Women and Girls in the Midlands is a photovoice project by WREN in partnership with Indie Grits Labs, aimed at elevating the stories of women and gender minorities to create conversation and awareness around shared opportunities and barriers.


Below are photography collections from over fifty women, girls, and gender minorities located across the midlands region. For most, this was the first time intentionally using photography to capture a story. All photos were used to express the opportunities and barriers found in their communities. Note: this only includes photos participants wished to share with the community at large, for this reason, some galleries are smaller than others.

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Columbia-based filmmaker and media arts educator, Mahkia Greene, captures the journey of photovoice in her featured mini-documentary entitled "To Be Seen." Check it out to the right or watch it on YouTube with the button below.

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