Power Up Your Workplace

The Power Up series is a collection of reports and research created by WREN to address workplace inequities in South Carolina. Most women in our state are breadwinners for their families so workplace discrimination has rippling impacts all across the state. Employers, legislators, and workers all have a part to play.

How do you solve the labor shortage?

Women are the answer.

Power Up: Women in the Workforce

Research economist Dr. Joey Von Nessen provides solutions to South Carolina's labor shortage in conversation with Ann Warner, WREN's CEO.

Are you ready to Power Up?

On March 21st, WREN hosted Power Up: Igniting a Resilient, Gender-Equitable Workforce for South Carolina where business leaders from across the state explored innovative ways to address the workforce shortage. Check back here soon for the action agenda that was generated from this event and for additional opportunities to be a part of in depth discussions with business leaders, policymakers, and the workforce on industry and topic specific strategies and resources to advance women’s workforce participation and equitable workplaces.