In Opposition

Abortion Bans (S.240, H.3490, H.3549, H.3552, S.366, H. 3774)

The rights to control our own bodies and personal health care decisions are fundamental to our health, dignity, and freedom. People, not politicians, should be in control of those decisions. When people can make decisions about their own reproductive health care, they are healthier and more economically secure. Access to safe abortion is an essential part of health care and medically unjustified bans put lives and families in danger.

S.240- Total abortion ban with limited exceptions

H.3490- Abortion ban based on the pregnant person’s reason for the abortion.

H. 3549- Personhood law that grants full legal rights to fertilized eggs,

H. 3552- Total abortion ban with limited exceptions,

S.366- This bill would ban abortion after the first trimester with limited exceptions after the first trimester. 

H. 3774-Total abortion ban with limited exceptions