Policy Priority

Removing Tax from Essential Products (S. 149, H. 3109, H.3110, S.300, H.3563)

Millions of South Carolinians are being taxed for essential products like tampons and diapers because they’re categorized as luxury products. S. 149 + H. 3109 would remove the tax on menstrual products, diapers and incontinence products and S. 300 would remove the tax on baby food. Women and families should not incur additional costs on these essential goods.

  • S. 149– Removes the tax from menstrual products and diapers 

  • H. 3109– Removes the tax from menstrual products, diapers, and toilet paper 

  • H. 3110– Adds sales tax exemption for menstrual products during tax free weekend 

  • H. 3563- Removes the sales tax for menstrual products

  • S.300– This bill would remove the tax from baby formula and baby food, which includes but is not limited to food purees, puffs, teether crackers, puree pouches, and other food intended for sale for children under thirty-six months of age