Partner Bill

End Child Marriage in SC

S.591 would make the minimum of marriage in South Carolina 18 years old.

A minimum marriage age of 18, without exceptions, is the strongest, simplest and most effective way to stop child marriage and its harmful consequences. Legislation raising the legal age of marriage is an important way to reduce the likelihood that children will be exposed to violence or exploitation. It is not sufficient, however. We need to invest in the comprehensive well-being of young people to help them make a healthy transition to adulthood. Young people need and deserve a quality education – which should include sexuality education and education on intimate partner violence. They need access to health care – which should include reproductive health care and mental health care. Families – including teen parents – need services that will help them support themselves and their children. Preparing girls and all young people for a healthy and empowered adulthood is one of the best investments our society can make.

This bill was given a favorable report from the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on 28 April 2021.