Health and Education

WREN aims to be a collective force in identifying and reducing disparities that lead to low health and education performance indicators statewide. WREN recognizes that the health and education of women and children is crucial in order to ensure statewide prosperity. We advocate for policies that lower the barriers that families, predominantly women and mothers, face when accessing services, resources, and rights. Reproductive health is a strong focus of our advocacy and education efforts, and is supported through the Be the Voice campaign.

Education is also critical to enhancing the opportunities that women and girls have in our state. WREN advocates for affordable access to high-quality education, from early childhood development through post-secondary education, training, and certifications. We also advocate for girls’ and young women’s exposure and training to non-traditional career opportunities. We work to improve the quality and accessibility of information that will enable young people to delay pregnancy, protect their health, and increase their opportunities.

SC Pregnancy Accommodations Act Passed


Why It Matters In SC?

Legislative Agenda

Policy Priority

Paid Family Leave for State Employees (H. 3560)

This bill would provide state employees with 12 weeks of paid family leave for the birth, adoption or foster care of a child. Paid family leave is crucial to supporting working families’ economic security and promoting gender equity in workplaces. No one should have to risk their job or face financial loss when they need to welcome a new child.

Partner Bill

Paid Sick Leave Act (H.3469)

This bill would provide earned paid sick leave to employees statewide.

Partner Bill

Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act (H.3225)

This bill would require hospitals, birthing centers, and any primary care health clinics in the state that deliver perinatal care to implement an evidence-based implicit bias program for all health care providers involved in the perinatal care of patients within those facilities.

In Opposition

6-Week Abortion Ban (S.1)

S.1 is intended to ban abortion as early as 6 weeks, regardless of a pregnant person’s needs and circumstances. Passing such a ban in South Carolina poses a serious threat to the health, freedom, and dignity of pregnant people. This is a far-reaching bill drafted by extremist politicians whose goal is to eliminate all abortion in South Carolina.