Economic Opportunity

Women serve as the primary or co-breadwinner in two-thirds of South Carolina’s families, so women are key to our state’s economic health. Yet women are more likely to live in poverty; are not paid wages equal to men; and many women face discrimination in the workplace. Fewer opportunities and lower pay undermine women’s lifetime income, which not only affects her own life, but also her children and family members.

Economically secure women and moms are the key to healthy and successful families. Educating ourselves and our policymakers on all of these facts is essential, and WREN is working to educate and advocate for better economic opportunities for women across the state.

Tremendous Potential

There is a significant, projected workforce shortage in South Carolina over the next decade. By addressing this workforce need, women have the opportunity to create a net gain in economic activity for our state and simultaneously make strides in reducing the gender wage gap.

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Click here to see our position on Equal Pay.

WREN Summit

We host an annual event to bring a diverse group of business and non-profit professionals, researchers, policymakers, students, and advocates to learn more about the role of women in South Carolina’s economy and society.

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Why It Matters In SC?

WREN advocates for closing the wage gap. We support policy strategies that will make it easier for women to earn a living, advance in their careers, and support their families.