Economic Opportunity

Women serve as the primary or co-breadwinner in two-thirds of South Carolina’s families, so women are key to our state’s economic health. Yet women are more likely to live in poverty; are not paid wages equal to men; and many women face discrimination in the workplace. Fewer opportunities and lower pay undermine women’s lifetime income, which not only affects her own life, but also her children and family members.

Economically secure women and moms are the key to healthy and successful families. Educating ourselves and our policymakers on all of these facts is essential, and WREN is working to educate and advocate for better economic opportunities for women across the state.

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Why It Matters In SC?

WREN advocates for closing the wage gap. We support policy strategies that will make it easier for women to earn a living, advance in their careers, and support their families.

Share Your Story

Have you ever been in a situation where you were paid less than a coworker for completing the same work? It’s time your voice was heard.

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