With great pleasure, we invite you to celebrate the official launch of the Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network (WREN), featuring introductions by Representative Jenny Horne and Senator Marlon Kimpson with refreshments and live music by She Returns from War. 


Program will begin at 6:30pm.

Your Charleston Hosts:

Jennet Robinson Alterman

Alexa Asendorf

Jeff Ayers

Antoinette Barnes

Amy Brennan

LaVanda Brown

Amanda Bunting Comen

Catherine Chase

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch

Lica Colwell

Gretta Coupland Cape

Susan Dunn

Nathalie Dupree

Cindy Floyd

Kerri Forrest

Laura Gates

Barbara Gathers

Joyce Green

Nikki Hardin

The Honorable Jenny Horne

Julie Hussey

Sabrina Jenkins

Wilbur Johnson

Linda Ketner

Kimberlin Davis Kimpson

The Honorable Marlon Kimpson

Wendi Nance

Jane Perdue

Margaret Pilarski

Linda Plunkett

Marie-Louise Ramsdale

Elmire Raven

Margaret Seidler

Thrace and Bob Shirley

Dr. Carol Tempel

Susan Thompson

Lisa Van Bergen

Deborah Williamson

Andrea Zucker