When you think of a caregiver, what do you think?

A parent caring for their child? A daycare worker? How about a home health aide for a person with a disability? Or a young adult caring for their aging relatives? Caregiving comes in many forms, and you can probably picture many versions of a caregiver. But they all have on thing in common: caregivers do much of the work needed to keep families and the economy going, and yet they are often under-appreciated, under-paid, and don’t receive the support that they need.

WREN is launching our Caregiving Campaign from May 4th – May 9th with a goal to amplify the voices of caregivers, share data on caregiving in South Carolina, and inspire you to take action to support caregivers in our state. Beginning with Midlands Gives and ending on Mother’s day, we have a jam-packed few days of activities and learning opportunities, and we hope you will join us. Check out the agenda below to see how you can get involved, and be sure to check back frequently as we grow our agenda each day.

Caregiving Campaign Agenda

Tuesday, May 4th

It’s Midlands Gives! You can learn more about our campaign to amplify and center the voices of caregivers and support WREN’s work by making a financial gift at: midlandsgives.org/scwren

Wednesday, May 5th

Let’s learn from an expert! Dr. Amanda McDougald-Scott shares insights with us into the paid caregiving landscape of South Carolina.

Thursday, May 6th

Day of Legislative Action to Support Caregivers

Friday, May 7th

Care-A-Thon for Caregivers at the South Carolina Statehouse. Caregivers of any type can drop in between 11:30 – 1:30 for an afternoon of relaxation, treats, and yoga! Click here to learn more.

Saturday, May 8th

Caregivers, take this day to care for yourself. Take a moment to breathe and appreciate yourself. If you have a caregiver in your life, use this day to show them some love.

Sunday, May 9th

It’s Mother’s Day!