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This is YOUR House.

by Courtney Thomas on Aug 21, 2019

In an unprecedented move, the South Carolina Senate is moving forward with H. 3020 outside of regular session.  After passing through the house, the 6 Week Abortion Ban is now in the Senate Medical Affairs Subcommittee. 


September 10, 2019 is our last opportunity to go on record in opposition to the bill, so we need your voice to protect access to abortion in South Carolina.

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. This is the opportunity to use all your skills and knowledge to speak out. On September 10th, 2019, the Senate Medical Affairs Committee will hear testimony from the public. That could be you! If you decide to take the next step and testify against H. 3020, use this blog to guide your preparation for testifying.

  1. Breathe. Seriously. This process may seem intimidating, but remember this is YOUR house. Your voice and your presence are a necessary part of the legislative process.  These Senators need to hear from you.
  2. Brush up on the bill. 
    • Check out our statement in opposition here.
  3. Get acquainted with the faces you’ll see on September 10th. Check out their bios below or download the SC Legislature App


4. Write your testimony

5. Plan your trip.

The Medical Affairs Committee has limited testimony for the Sept. 10th hearing on H.3020 so the speaker slots have been filled. That being said we need AS MANY written testimonies as possible to be used in committee and floor debates. Senators have asked for stories from all 46 Senate districts. You can submit testimony directly to the committee by e-mails/attachments to: smedicomm@scsenate.gov (please use bill # in the subject line). Written correspondence may be sent to: SC Senate Medical Affairs Committee Attention: Research Director PO Box 142, 412 Gressette Building Columbia, SC 29202. They have asked that electronic or written correspondence must be received by Tuesday, October 1 to facilitate the work of the subcommittee.

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