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by WREN Staff on Nov 20, 2018

It is easy to get discouraged with all of the bad news and hateful messages that can circulate on the internet and our phones. So here at WREN, we want to take a moment to express our thanks and gratitude for the many things we have to be thankful for–including you, dear reader, and everyone in the WREN network.

So let’s focus on the good: what’s one event, piece of news, or woman or girl who you are thankful for? Share it with us on social media with #WRENsgiving.

Nyomi Guzman | Development Associate

“I am thankful for getting to work in a place that is committed to improving the way we do social justice work. And personally, I am grateful to have a multitude of loving relationships with smart compassionate people in my life.”

Damilola Ajisegiri | Policy Assistant

“I am thankful for co-workers who feel the need to go on emergency bakery runs for the office, which my sweet tooth greatly appreciates. Personally, I’m just overall thankful for great health for both myself and my family.”

Lara Winburn | Director of Development

“I am thankful for the smart and brave women that I encounter in the WREN office and across the state that are always thinking about making South Carolina a better place for women, girls, and families.

I am also thankful for living in a city like Columbia where two of my most favorite kids get the opportunity to perform the Nutcracker at the Township with a live orchestra at 5 and 7 years old. What an experience for little (and big)people!”

Sarah Nichols | Communications and Learning Intern

“I am thankful that the Pregnancy Accommodations Act passed this year! To see this bill become a law that will positively affect many women in the state of South Carolina was an incredible moment, and I feel grateful to work alongside the women who made it happen.

In my personal life, I have a lot to be thankful for, but I would like to highlight my dog June for making the past 7 months that I have had her infinitely brighter.”

Courtney Thomas | Upstate Liaison

“I’m thankful that I work in a space that encourages me to grow and be the most authentic version of myself. I couldn’t ask for better co-conspirators (coworkers) in this movement. Personally, I’m thankful that I can surround myself with women that constantly encourage and support me. My friends are incredible people and I’m better every day they are in my life.”

Eme Crawford | Director of Communications and Learning

“This year I’m thankful that our nest has grown: we welcomed three new members to our team (Courtney Thomas, Nyomi Guzman, and Damilola Ajisegiri), our membership grew to over 32,000 supporters, and we were able to host a Summit in Columbia with fabulous keynotes like Nika White and SC Supreme Court Justice Kaye Hearne AND in Greenville with dynamic panels on women’s economic empowerment and what the midterm elections mean for women.

And I welcomed a new puppy into my life this year – meet Dobby!”

Brandi Parrish Ellison | Director of Policy and Government Relations

“Personally, I am thankful for my the health and happiness of my children. They are the center of my personal life at 2 and 4 years old. I am also thankful for having a supportive spouse who helps me divide and conquer!

Professionally, I am thankful to be able to do important work to help women and girls in SC. I am also very thankful to be able to work with such amazing women! It is a gift to be surrounded by women who help lift one another up, especially when it seems like the world is off axis.”

Ashley Crary Lidow | Associate Director of Policy and Government Relations

“I am thankful that I work with such amazing women who truly want to see change in the world. Every day I come to work and am surrounded by people who care about our mission; I feel very blessed to do this work with them. I <3 our WREN team.

Personally, I am grateful for my partner Ed who always has my back but also holds me accountable to be the best person I can be. This world is a crazy, chaotic place and he keeps me grounded.”

Ann Warner | CEO

“I am truly grateful for WREN’s board members, advisors, and donors, who invest their time and treasure in WREN because they believe deeply in our mission for equality. Even when the road to equality, much like I-26, can seem long, grueling, and beset by obstacles, they stick with us because they believe that turning back is not an option for South Carolina.

Personally, I am grateful for my family, especially my husband and two little boys, for being patient and fun. They make the work possible and worthwhile.”

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