WREN’s 2022 Impact Report

by WREN Staff on Dec 20, 2022

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As 2022 comes to a close, the word that most comes to mind as we reflect on all of you in our network is proud. During a year of unprecedented and relentless attacks on our fundamental rights, the WREN network has shown our strength, determination, and effectiveness. Thanks to you, the movement for the health, economic dignity, and rights of women, girls, gender expansive people, and their families in South Carolina is stronger than ever.

You have inspired us in countless ways this year. You showed up in Columbia and in communities across the state to demand that lawmakers respect our health, rights, and bodily autonomy. You shared your stories, gave courageous testimonials at the Statehouse, made countless phone calls to lawmakers, passed out food and water to your fellow advocates, and demanded that South Carolina can and must do better for everyone.

Because of you, we defeated a total abortion ban at a time when many people thought it would be impossible. On top of that, we passed multiple proactive legislative victories that will help make people healthier and more economically secure all across South Carolina. We deepened our organizing work to reach new communities. We fostered new ideas and commitments to build more equitable workplaces and communities. We invested in training new leaders who will change the face of advocacy in South Carolina.

We were able to achieve these milestones in the movement for gender justice because of you. Thank you for your commitment and your resolve. We are so proud to stand with you to build the South Carolina we all deserve.

With gratitude and solidarity,

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