Midlands Anchor: WREN Takes Wing to Fight for Women’s Rights in South Carolina

Oct 20, 2016

A new organization will be getting involved in politics in South Carolina, but its staff plans to ignore party lines. Their constituency? All women and girls and their families.

WREN, the Women’s Rights & Empowerment Network, was born from the foundation set by the New Morning Foundation and foundation-supported programs such as Tell Them over the last decade. Its goal is to build a a diverse, inclusive, and powerful movement for the rights of women and girls

The plan for WREN is to achieve that goal as a nonpartisan organization by:

“It’s important for us to keep conversations going on both sides of the aisle,” said WREN Director of Advocacy Eme Crawford. “These things we’re talking about are not women’s issues. They affect all of us. They affect all aspects of life.”

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