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WREN Statement on DHEC Mask Recommendations

by WREN Staff on Aug 20, 2021

Columbia, SC– Today, the Department of Health and Environmental Control made it clear that we are in a public health crisis, and that the best way to keep our kids healthy and safe is to ensure that they are wearing masks inside of schools. Despite this clear and compelling evidence, the Governor continues to stand in the way of efforts to keep kids safe. By refusing to let schools do the right thing for students, the Governor is not empowering parents; he is undermining public health officials, school officials, and parents’ best efforts to protect their children. Schools are closing, hospitals are filling, and children are getting sick.

WREN advocates sent over 1,500 emails to the Governor and legislators asking them to protect children from COVID-19.

Our policymakers must listen to South Carolinians and experts like DHEC, teachers, and community members across the state who are advocating to keep kids healthy.

The mental health and economic consequences on children and their working parents will be catastrophic if the Governor and Legislature do not change course. They must defer to the public health officials, teachers, and parents who know best how to keep kids healthy.

Take action today to keep kids healthy. 

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