WREN stands firmly against the proposed national abortion ban

by WREN Staff on Sep 13, 2022

WREN stands firmly against the proposed national abortion ban introduced in the United States Senate today. This is yet another insult to the intelligence and agency of the people of South Carolina and the United States. Just weeks ago Senator Graham applauded the Supreme Court’s decision to turn the decision on abortion back to the states. After his home state has failed in passing an outright abortion ban during a special legislative session, Senator Graham seems to have changed his tune by introducing a national ban.

This proposed national ban is cruel, and it undermines the health, dignity, and the will of the American people. Rather than infringing upon people’s personal health care decisions, the federal government should focus on removing barriers to health care access. Congress should instead work to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, which is critical to eliminating medically-unnecessary restrictions on abortion access, and the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH) Act so that abortion care is affordable and accessible to all, regardless of income or source of insurance.

Since the Supreme Court issued its decision in late June, thousands of South Carolinians have spoken up in opposition to abortion restrictions. WREN will continue to be a resource to ensure that their voices and heard and respected in Columbia and in Washington.

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