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WREN Rejects ALL bans on abortion 

by WREN Staff on Sep 27, 2022

Lawmakers in South Carolina are still debating on what access to abortion looks like in the state. Today, the state’s House of Representatives voted to non-concur with the current draft of H. 5399, which would ban abortion in the state.  

H. 5399 will now be discussed by a conference committee. This committee will be made up of 3 people from the House and 3 people from the Senate. This group of lawmakers will decide which version of H. 5399 will be accepted.

WREN rejects any version of H. 5399.  We believe all abortion bans and restrictions are extreme.  All people should be trusted to make the reproductive healthcare decisions that are best for them — including abortion, on their timeline, and with the resources they need.  

 Ann Warner, CEO of WREN, states, “Thanks to the determined and passionate advocacy from people across the state, the South Carolina General Assembly has so far been unsuccessful in passing an outright abortion ban during the special legislative session. However, we know that this fight is not over, and that there are many lawmakers who will continue push for a total abortion ban. The majority of South Carolinians are opposed to this outrageous intrusion into our private lives, and WREN will continue to demand that our rights and dignity are respected by lawmakers.”  


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