Policy Updates

What matters to you?

by Ashley Lidow on Aug 24, 2018

It is back to school season, and we at WREN have been doing our homework when it comes to researching and building out a policy agenda for the upcoming legislative session. Now, we would like to invite you to provide us with feedback on the issues that matter to you.

So first: what is a policy agenda?

The WREN Policy Agenda outlines the major issue areas of WREN’s policy work and steers the direction of policy change we strive to achieve. Many of you are familiar with the legislative policy work that WREN does at the South Carolina Statehouse, but we also work at the local level and with the private sector to make policy change at those levels.

What do we need from you?

Tell us what you think! The survey will present an issue area with subcategories underneath; we would like you to rank those subcategories by level of importance to you and your community. This information will help inform where we focus our policy efforts. There is space for you to share thoughts about each issue area so if you want to raise an issue up or give further feedback please do so.

After we close the survey we hope to share the results with the community and update what next steps are. Lend us your voice so we can approach legislative session with an agenda that reflects our community.

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