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What does it take to get an abortion in South Carolina?

by Ashley Lidow on Aug 24, 2018

As the country faces a new Supreme Court judge who has a history of hostility towards reproductive health and rights, we are reminded that while people in this country do have a right to abortion, that right is often in name only due to unattainable access.

Recently the New York Times wrote an article explaining what it takes to get an abortion in Mississippi—one of the most restrictive states—in comparison to California—one of the least restrictive states. We in South Carolina know all too well how difficult accessing abortion care is, and so we wanted to share our version of what it takes to get an abortion in SC. You could say that it’s lengthy.

We need you to #BetheVoiceSC: Speak out to ensure that South Carolina women make our own decisions about the health services that we need without judgment, stigma or obstacles that may push care out of reach.


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