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We are proud of you.

by Ann Warner, CEO on Sep 12, 2019

On Sept 10th, the 6-week abortion ban was heard by the Senate Medical Affairs subcommittee and served as the final opportunity for the public to provide verbal testimony.

While it’s frustrating to spend our precious time discussing a blatantly unconstitutional and reckless bill that was fast-tracked outside of regular legislative session, it was also incredibly inspiring to witness the courage, conviction, and resilience of the hundreds of people who showed up and spoke up against this bill. Hundreds of people showed up, filling the hearing room plus 4 overflow rooms. Due to restrictions placed by Senate staff, only a fraction of people who wanted to speak were able to do so, but the 30+ testifiers who did speak were outstanding. They included 8 physicians, 2 clergy, 10 people with compelling personal stories, experts in the law, public health, and domestic violence, and advocates from the ages of 17 to 83. Legislators, staff, and other observers remarked that they have never seen such organized and compelling testimony delivered from such a cross-section of constituents. The testimony demonstrated all the many reasons why this bill would be such a disaster for the health, economic well-being, dignity, and freedom of South Carolinians. (In order to give as many citizens as possible a chance to speak, WREN chose not to take a speaker slot, opting to submit written testimony instead.)

So what’s next? The subcommittee will meet again next month to take a vote, and if they advance the bill, it will have to go to full Committee, then to the Senate floor in 2020. In the meantime, we still need people to make their voices heard. If you haven’t done so yet, please email committee members about why you oppose the bill. Even if you assume their position is favorable or unmovable, it is crucial that we get as many South Carolinians as possible on the record in opposition to H 3020.

I recognize that it can be easy to get discouraged in the face of such relentless attacks, but it is more important than ever that we stay focused and resolved. Thank you for supporting WREN and standing up for the rights of all South Carolinians.

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