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Video Series: Using the Statehouse Website

by Megan Plassmeyer on Feb 7, 2018

We get it, the Statehouse website probably hasn’t made your list of most frequent stops.  Read below to see how you can better utilize this free resource, and become a #superadvocate this legislative session.

You can also click here to access our Advocacy 101 Toolkit.

Watch Live Video

While the Statehouse website can’t stream movies (yep we’re pretty bummed about that too), you can stream live videos from the House and Senate from the comfort of your desk. As you’re streaming along, you can also view information about biographies and current amendments being discussed, as well as specific committee meetings.


Look up Legislators

Now that you’re live-streaming, let’s figure out which elected officials are speaking on behalf of your community. Through the Statehouse website, you can enter your address and see who represents you on a state and federal level.


Find a Vote Count

Want to see if those elected officials are voting the way you’d like them to? Cough *Supporting bills that elevate the health and well-being of women and girls in our state.* Cough  The Statehouse website can show you that, too!


Find Who Serves on a Committee

And while the elected official that represents you may not be on a committee that is discussing a bill you’re following, you can always find out more about that committee so you know who to call and email.


So take that, patriarchy!   There’s nothing stopping us now.  More questions we might have missed? Email us at, and also visit our Facebook page for additional content and legislative updates.

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