Economic Opportunity

Upward Mobility in the Upstate

by Anna Brannigan on Nov 16, 2018

For one of our recent Facebook Live Fridays, we were joined by Faith Adedokun from the Network for Southern Economic Mobility (NSEM).  She and Courtney Thomas went live to discuss economic mobility in the Upstate.  NSEM is a group of Southern communities, formed in order to bring cities together and figure out how to move the needle in the communities that have the hardest time rising out of poverty.  Community leaders in these cities work together to find solutions to help youth escape poverty.

Watch the full video on their discussion here:

We are LIVE with Faith Adedokun at noon to discuss economic mobility in the Upstate, and particularly for women. Drop us a ⭐ in the comment section if you're watching. #SCWREN

Posted by Women's Rights and Empowerment Network- WREN on Friday, October 19, 2018

Here are some important points from Faith and Courtney’s conversation:

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