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Tremendous Impact: A Look at Wren’s First Year

by Eme Crawford on Nov 20, 2017

You and 27,000 WREN members are building a movement to advance the health, economic well-being, and rights of South Carolina’s women and girls.

You donated. You volunteered your time. You made calls and sent emails to your elected officials. You enabled WREN to:

Mobilize Citizens & Organizations to Take Action

Convene & Educate

Advance Policies for Women & Girls

Tremendous Potential:

What’s Ahead

WREN is the only statewide nonpartisan advocacy network that advances women’s and girls’ rights and opportunities across multiple issue areas through advocacy, education, empowerment, and coalition building.

We envision a South Carolina where:

Ensuring Sustainability

In our first year, we raised a quarter of a million dollars from generous South Carolinians, leveraging a generous match to safeguard our growth.

WREN has an ambitious agenda to build on our successful first year and accelerate progress in South Carolina. We will use innovative approaches to listen to and amplify diverse voices from across the state.

Your continued support is vital. South Carolina’s needs are urgent, the opportunities are great, and the time for action is now. To act, visit

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