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Three Ways to Support the Economic Well-Being of South Carolinians   

by Demetria Mosley on Mar 15, 2024

Our work at the Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network is deeply influenced by the courage and bravery of past and present generations, who have fought hard against discrimination and barriers for marginalized communities.  

 The movement to advance the well-being of women*, girls, and gender-expansive individuals is a powerful force of collective voices combating inequalities worldwide. During March, we celebrate women’s history, acknowledge the contributions of the past, and uplift the stories of the people of the present. While we recognize there is still more work to do, we are confident that together, we can create a future where more people are safe and thriving.  

Improving the Economic Status  

 In South Carolina, women (especially those of color) have significantly struggled economically compared to white men. According to data from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, almost 30 percent of women in our state work low-wage jobs. If women in South Carolina were paid the same as men, their poverty rate would decrease by almost 50 percent, and poverty among single-employed mothers would decrease by more than 50 percent. 

At WREN, we are committed to supporting economic opportunities that positively improve the quality of life of people in the Palmetto State. Here are three impactful ways we can advocate for the financial welfare of people during Women’s History Month and beyond:  


Advocate for Tenants’ Right to Counsel  

One in five Black women in the U.S. is struggling to pay rent and facing eviction, according to data from the National Low-income Housing Coalition. 

In South Carolina, people dealing with eviction often have to figure out the complex legal process independently, without a lawyer. This sets renters up for failure, making it very difficult for them to stay in their homes, and often results in eviction.  

 Everyone deserves a safe and stable place to live, so WREN is backing legislation giving renters the right to legal counsel. By advocating for the right of renters to have professional representation, we can ensure that families facing eviction have the necessary support and resources to navigate these challenging situations.  

 Support Tenant Right to Counsel here:


Campaign Against the Period Tax  

Menstrual hygiene products are crucial for maintaining good health, yet they are often subjected to sales tax. This makes them less accessible to those who need them the most.  

One in four young people and one in five adults have missed school or work due to not being able to afford or have access to period products. We can ensure everyone has access to these essential products by advocating for the removal of the tax on menstrual products.  

People should not incur additional costs on these essential goods. Contact your Senator today and tell them you support removing the tax from these items: 


Support Campaign Funds for Caregiving 

 The cost of caring for a loved one should never be the reason someone cannot run for office. Unfortunately, caregiving responsibilities are often a barrier that holds potential candidates back. 

 In 2022, women with minor children made up only two percent of the South Carolina legislature. By allowing campaign funds to be used for dependent care expenses, more people from varied backgrounds can run for office and participate in political leadership roles. This helps to create greater diversity among candidates and leaders and ensures that those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to run for office can do so.   

Help South Carolina join 30 other states that currently allow campaign funds to be used for childcare expenses.South Carolina join 30 other states that currently allow campaign funds to be used for caregiving expenses.

The link to support is here: 


Let’s Build Together 

WREN believes that we can build a better world where more people have an equal opportunity to prosper by working together and taking action. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let us acknowledge and applaud women’s accomplishments and commit to taking concrete steps toward a more equitable future. 

 *At the Women’s Rights & Empowerment Network (WREN), we use the term women in an inclusive way to refer to all individuals who identify as women, transgender women, non-binary individuals who identify with womanhood, and all others who share the experiences and societal realities of those perceived as women. 

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