Freedom from Violence, Leadership and Civic Engagement

The Few and Fierce

by Megan Plassmeyer on Nov 13, 2017

For some, the “Me Too” campaign prompted an alarming realization that sexual assault happens within our communities. Yet for most of us, particularly women, it served as a reminder that none of us are immune or insulated from this behavior.

We weren’t shocked by what we read because what we read was not new to us. Recently, South Carolinians witnessed one of our legislative champions, Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, receive unwanted physical contact from a colleague.

Stand with us again today for the few and fierce females in office. Sign our petition and let lawmakers know that we support Rep. Cobb-Hunter and others who face the threat of exclusion or aggression when pushing for their voices to be heard. We cannot accept a culture that silences us.

“We see it. We live it. We power through it. Every day. And we are saying enough. That’s why we have spoken out, sponsored legislation and demanded change. We need change in our state houses, in our schools and on our campuses, on our streets, and in our workplaces. And big change starts with the states.”

Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter | Rep. Daneya Esgar

The time for action is now. Thank you for your dedication and helping make our state a safer place for all South Carolinians.

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