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Thank You For Supporting WREN on #GivingTuesday

by Lara Winburn on Dec 1, 2017

Another Giving Tuesday has passed. You received approximately 3 million emails asking you to “chip in,” “give now,” and “help us meet our goals.” I am sure there were many important, meaningful, and necessary organizations vying for your Giving Tuesday love. I want to thank you if you chose to invest in WREN this year.

Sometimes it is hard to see what your money buys at an organization like WREN. We will not be able to report how many meals we served or the number of warm coats we bought.

We do have other numbers we can provide.

WREN is using your investment to reach a network that has grown to 27,000 strong. Last year, this network made nearly 10,000 contacts with policymakers encouraging them to make decisions in the best interest of South Carolina’s women and girls and their families. With your help, over 3,000 people received issue education and advocacy skills training. WREN is working to change policies and systems with a collective voice–together with you, our donors, our advocates, and our partners.

Your support makes education, research, and access possible. On Giving Tuesday, your contributions totaled over $9,000 for WREN and the women and girls of South Carolina.

When women are healthy and economically secure, they will be able to buy those warm coats and provide the warm meals for their families and other families in need. And your gift will have been a part of making that possible.


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