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Summit Destination Guide 2018

by WREN Staff on Apr 4, 2018

We are just days away from our 2018 WREN Summit, and it’s no secret that some of our state’s top leaders in business, nonprofit, and education will be leading ground-breaking sessions and panels.

So how do you decide what to take?  Check out our staff’s ” Summit Destination Guide” for a first-look at the classes, activities, and performances we’re most excited to see.

While this is just a taste of what’s to come, make sure you claim your ticket today to gain access to other incredible conversations and skill-building sessions you will not want to miss.



Sarah Nichols | Communications Intern

“I’m looking forward to the headshot station in partnership with Steffi Brinks of Indie Grits Labs. As a young professional, headshots are often necessary or, at the least, can add an extra touch of professionalism to your resume. They aren’t always available to everyone, as hiring a photographer for your headshots can become very pricey, so I am excited to get not only mine done but also for everyone else to be able to utilize Steffi’s talents.”


Ashley Lidow | Associate Director of Policy and Government Relations

“My staff pick for the summit is the afternoon breakout session that I am lucky enough to be included on, Advocating and Organizing for Women’s Rights. This is my pick because it will show a broad range of advocacy activities that contribute to creating change in our community. We have amazing organizers and activists on the panel that will share their expertise on how to get involved. The work I do at WREN revolves around policy change at the SC Statehouse, which is very important and I hope everyone feels empowered to make their voice heard at the capital, but there is so much more activism that is needed and our facilitators will be connecting all those pieces together.”


Megan Plassmeyer | Community Engagement Coordinator

“Although all our panelists and session leaders are PHENOMENAL, I’m most excited to hear from Justice Kaye Hearn, who will be speaking during our seated lunch.  Although it may be very tempting to focus solely on the grub and the other glass-ceiling-shattering folks at your table,  make sure to keep an ear open for Justice Hearn’s remarks and story.”


Eme Crawford | Director of Communications and Learning

“Most people have heard of the gender wage gap, but the gender wealth gap is relatively under-discussed as a key component to women’s economic empowerment. I’m looking forward to the Closing the Wealth Gap panel moderated by Cheryl Holland, president and founder of Abacus Planning Group.  The panelists (Martha Menard from Questis, Inc.; Dominik Mjarton, SC Community Bank; Ellcentrell Phillips, National Coalition of 100 Black Women; and Stephanie Vokral, Critical Transitions Wealth Advisors) will help us understand what the wealth gap means and how we can eradicate this gap from policy, banking systems, and individual perspectives.”


Courtney Thomas | Upstate Liaison

“I am excited to hear from the gubernatorial candidates during Tuesday’s forum. I hope to hear a clear message from all of them on how to mobilize women politically and in the workforce. I am optimistic about their vision the future of our state!”


Lara Winburn | Director of Development

“I am really looking forward to moderating the session on Innovative Strategies for a Working Mothers. The challenges of a working mom, I know firsthand, are many.  This dynamic group of professionals will share their personal experiences, best practices and the successful strategies their companies are embracing . I know this session will leave participants inspired and encouraged as both a professional and a mom.”


Kayle Wright | Operations Manager

“I’m really excited to hear Dr. Nika White’s speech. She does such great work in the Upstate with her diversity and inclusion efforts. She is clearly passionate about the topic and I can’t wait to hear what she has to share at the Summit!”

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