South Carolina Abortion Ban is An Attack on Reproductive Freedom

by WREN STAFF on Sep 9, 2022

After months of protests and objections by health care providers, advocates, and the majority of South Carolinians, tonight the South Carolina Senate passed a ban on abortion. The Senate failed to muster the votes needed to pass a total abortion ban. However, the bill that ultimately passed places more restrictions on the 6-week bill passed last year – including even more narrow restrictions for rape and incest survivors who seek abortion care. Because the bill was amended, it must now go back to the House of Representatives.  

 Ann Warner, CEO of WREN stated, “We are profoundly disappointed in the failure of South Carolina lawmakers to protect our health, our dignity, and our lives. This radical abortion ban is yet another assault on women, gender expansive people, and our families. It is a stain on South Carolina that will take us backwards. We are deeply grateful for the thousands of advocates who spoke up, shared their stories, and demanded that their lawmakers hear them. This is not the end: the result of this fight will be a stronger and more inspired movement of people demanding change and justice for South Carolina.”  

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