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Sneak Peak: Seen & Heard Photovoice Project

by Megan Plassmeyer on Sep 28, 2017

Since the Seen and Heard: Women and Girls in the Midlands project launch on August 22nd, five groups of women and girls from Richland County have met and started capturing photographs that represent the opportunities and barriers faced by their communities. Next week our groups will begin unveiling their first series of photographs within their congregations. 

But why photography?

1. “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”-  Dorothea Lange

The power of storytelling is immense and can be heightened through the addition of visual elements. But it’s the journey of identifying these visual elements that allow us to introspectively reflect. By intentionally seeking to capture the moments of our lives that so authentically represent our humanity, we start to recognize what it is that makes us good and who we are in the face of hardship. Strength is interwoven into both.

2.  Crosses Language Barriers

Not only can photography be a source of self-discovery, but it’s also a phenomenal method of elevating voices. Traditional storytelling can be time-consuming and great effort is needed to translate effectively. Yet photography can encapsulate a moment in one piece that may move beyond any language barrier.  Photos are easy to share and widely consumed in the age of social media.

3.  Ease of Use

In this project, we are using disposable film cameras that do not require an in-depth understanding of photography to maintain. Formally writing/ recording your story can be a cumbersome task, but photography can be quick and intuitive.  As organizers, photos are also easy to bring into new spaces in order to easily communicate experiences to leaders and change-makers across our community.


To follow our progress and catch a sneak-peak of photography prior to our spring exhibits, follow our Instagram at @seenandheardsc.



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