SC Supreme Court Upholds Extreme Abortion Law

Aug 23, 2023

Today, the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that the 6-week abortion ban passed by the state’s General Assembly in May does not violate the state’s Constitution, which means that this extreme ban goes into effect immediately.  The Court’s ruling today makes abortion illegal after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, except under very narrow circumstances. Of course, we’re sad and angry that the Court ruled to uphold a law that ultimately harms South Carolinians. When people can make decisions about their own reproductive health care, including whether and when to have children, they have more control over their health, education, economic security, and equality. This unfortunate decision is heartbreaking but the fight continues.

From WREN CEO Ann Warner: “We are outraged that the South Carolina Supreme Court has upheld this extreme and harmful law, which will put countless lives in jeopardy – here in South Carolina and across the region. It is particularly outrageous that this Court has overturned its own precedent, as they ruled this exact law unconstitutional earlier this year. We are gravely concerned about the impact that this law will have on the health and well-being of the people of this state, especially Black women, people with disabilities, and survivors of violence, who are already grossly underserved by the healthcare and legal systems in this state.”

Let’s be clear: Banning abortion at six weeks is effectively a total abortion ban in South Carolina. The average person doesn’t even know they’re pregnant until the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy. This leaves pregnant people with almost no time to make the decisions that affect their health and their family’s future.

A number of national polls, including one as recent as last month, have shown that the majority of Americans — two-thirds in fact — are against restricting access to abortion. That’s because they understand the terrible consequences of what happens when you do:

WHAT COMES NEXT: This is far from the end. WREN and our network of like-minded partners and supporters will absolutely continue this fight to protect reproductive healthcare. Now, as ever, we need people to get involved.

We know this is exhausting and we hope you will continue to stay engaged with us knowing that we can make things happen together. Thank you!

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