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SC Legislature App in 5 easy steps

by Courtney Thomas on Feb 7, 2019

The General Assembly started their session with innovation in the release of the “SC Legislature” app.  This mobile app will make staying connected during the legislative session easier and more efficient. Here are 5 easy steps to effectively use this new app:

  1. Download the app

As with all applications, the SC Legislature app requires a download from the application store of your choice. Use the links below to download the app to your phone or tablet.

  1. Set alerts

Tap the settings wheel in the top right corner to begin receiving  push notifications.  Notifications are a useful tool to alert you to updates in the General Assembly.

  1. Find your legislator

In the advocacy world this app will make staying connected with legislators accessible and convenient. The “Find your legislator” page features sponsored bills, a biography, voting records, and contact information for each elected official.


  1. Set search terms

Search terms allow users to watch for any new bills related to key words. For example, if education is an issue that interests you, use terms like “Department of Education, “curriculum,” or “early childhood education.”

  1. Follow committees

Use this feature to follow the work of both House and Senate committees.



We hope you’ll use this tool to become a more informed and effective advocate.  Remember to join the network and stay involved!

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