Remembering Sarah Leverette

by Brandi Parrish Ellison on Aug 31, 2018

We all have people in our lives that we look to for inspiration, guidance, and gusto. People who move us to be better people, not just for ourselves, but better for others. Sarah Leverette was this for me and countless other women.

Sarah had tenacity. She was once quoted saying, “I didn’t feel like I was blazing any trails,” she said, “I felt it was just, right, moral, and the way it should be. I just did what came naturally, and I still can’t figure out why that’s such a big deal.”

Whether she intended to or not, she paved the way for so many women in our state.

As someone working to advance women’s rights in our state, she would share stories of people resisting change or discounting women. Her advice was always to keep showing up and to keep doing what was right.

Her whit, charm, charisma and intelligence placed her in the center of every room she graced. I felt a gravitational pull towards her when she was around. I knew each time I was with her I would learn something new, hear words of encouragement and have a good laugh.

WREN honored Sarah at our annual International Women’s Day Luncheon earlier this year for her many accomplishments including shattering glass ceilings, fearlessly advocating for the rights of all people, and for simply being awesome.

Sarah, you are loved, you will be missed, and you will be remembered.

Read the Progressive Network’s tribute to Sarah Leverette here.

Sarah Leverette, 1919-2018, Always Remembered

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