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Melissa Moore Testimony on School Censorship Bills

by Melissa Moore on Mar 2, 2022

On Tuesday, March 1, 2022 the House Education Committee heard testimony  Melissa Moore, a community advocate and WREN’s Lowcountry Manager gave the testimony below:  Thank you for your commitment to hearing public testimony. I’ve been in other hearings this session where the public was silenced, which feels like a grave threat to the democratic process.

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How to Advocate Against the Healthcare Discrimination Bill (H.4776)

by WREN Staff on Feb 23, 2022

Tomorrow, February 24th, the House Special Laws subcommittee will hear the House version of the healthcare discrimination bill after the House adjourns. H.4776, the so-called “Medical Ethics and Diversity Act,” would allow health care professionals to discriminate against their patients and refuse to provide them care. This dangerous and far-reaching bill permits any person participating

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Palentine’s Day 2022

by WREN Staff on Feb 9, 2022

Palentine’s Day is almost here and we’re celebrating by loving your rights!   What’s Palentine’s Day? It’s like Valentine’s Day, but for friends! Celebrated on February 13, it’s a day to honor our platonic soul mates and the love we have for them. And who’s WREN’s Palentine? You are! We celebrate your friendship on Palentine’s

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Testimony of National Advocates for Pregnant Women to the Medical Affairs Committee of the South Carolina Senate in Opposition to S.988

by National Advocates for Pregnant Women on Feb 7, 2022

January 24, 2022 Thank you for the opportunity to address this Committee. On behalf of National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW), we respectfully submit this written testimony in opposition to a S.988. We are a non-partisan legal advocacy organization dedicated to the welfare of pregnant people and their families. Our testimony draws on over 20


Meet Lisa!

by WREN Staff on Feb 2, 2022

Where are you from? Grew up in NJ, went to college at Univ of Wisconsin, lived in NYC for ten years, and Hawaii for eleven years. Was lucky to work on all of the islands and live on Oahu for 8 years and the Big Island for 3. What did you do previously before coming

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Take Action to Stop Abortion Restrictions

by WREN Staff on Feb 1, 2022

Click here to take action on S.907 (Medication Abortion Misinformation Bill) Click here to take action on S.988 (Abortion Ban and Personhood Bill) Learn more about the bills below. 907 – Medication Abortion Misinformation Bill  Medication abortion, referred to as “chemically-induced abortion” by anti-abortion extremists, has become the most common method of abortion across the

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Protect Truth in Education in South Carolina 

by Ashley Crary Lidow, MPH on Jan 31, 2022

WREN is joining our partners at the ACLU to protect truth in education. WREN supports educators’ and students’ rights to talk about race, sex, and gender in schools. All students deserve educational materials and information that accurately describes our history, including the history of underrepresented and marginalized people.  South Carolinian legislators have filed several bills that could

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Speak Out Against S.907 and S.988

by WREN Staff on Jan 25, 2022

We won’t let anti-choice legislators silence our voices! Anti-choice legislators made it difficult for people to testify at the January 26th subcommittee hearing for S.988 and S.907, in which they rushed both bills forward. We think that you deserve to be heard, and that’s why we’re launching the #StopTheBanSC Social Media Speakout. Here’s what we