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A Better 2017

by WREN Staff on Jan 3, 2017

It’s a new year and we’re making some resolutions.  As members of a larger community, we must vocalize to our constituency that feminism isn’t just a luxury of the privileged, but is necessary for the freedom of all women in South Carolina. According to advocate and Girl’s Rock Charleston Teen Organizing Intern, India Coleman, working together is crucial in making gender equality more obtainable in 2017.

“In my vision of Charleston, girls are free; girls are no longer criminalized for how they dress or for protecting themselves. In my vision, girls can wear whatever they want in public without being judged or targeted. In my vision, LGBTQ teens are no longer left out.

In my world, girls are respected, not criticized. In my world, supportive adults help us work through our troubles.  With that support, girls would become leaders in our communities.  We will learn how to be leaders by working on creative projects together and with successful women who mentor us.

In my vision, I see phenomenal women like you helping girls get free.  Let’s work together to support each other!”

Join WREN and India in deciding that 2017 is the year for change.  You can take the first step now by clicking here and joining our mailing list. Soon you will receive information on opportunities to get involved in our work, including details for our first volunteer event of the year on January 9th.

Thank you for your continued dedication. We look forward to working with you this year and supporting you as an advocate and community member.

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