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My Off-Session Agenda

by Ashley Lidow on Oct 18, 2017

Here at WREN it is my job to educate our South Carolina policymakers about the challenges and opportunities the women and girls of South Carolina face. In other words, I lobby at the Statehouse. Since the legislative session runs from January until May this is the time of year when people ask me “What do you do during this downtime?” assuming that the lobbying stops when session ends. Luckily for me (I love educating legislators) lobbying and educating never stops.

This off session time is the perfect time to get in with legislators and talk about the issues that matter to you. Legislators are not being pulled in a billion directions like they are during session (they are just being pulled in a million) and can sit down for 15-20 minutes to discuss the issues at hand. We at WREN have been meeting with key legislators to discuss our priorities for January and to ask for support. Our main focus has been on showcasing the opportunities legislators have to improve the lives of women by supporting the Pregnancy Accommodations Act and 12 Month Supply of Contraception bill as well as overriding the Governor’s veto of contraception coverage. We want to ensure that legislators remain committed to breaking down barriers in healthcare and the workplace rather than putting up restrictions.

As we get closer to the legislative session we at WREN will be keeping advocates in the loop about action opportunities that relate to our mission but in the meantime I would like to challenge each of you to get to know your legislators. Reach out to schedule a quick meet and greet with your house and senate member and let them know what issues you want them to focus on during session. You can find out who represents you by going here and entering your address.

As always if you want help reaching out to your elected official please contact us at WREN. Remember that they represent YOU and your voice needs to be heard.

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