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Meet Maya

by WREN team on Nov 1, 2019

Our nest is getting bigger! Meet WREN’s newest staff member and Communications and Development Associate, Maya Ward.

1.Where are you from? 

I was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. I have spent the past five years in Spartanburg, South Carolina where I attended college and started working. 

2.What did you do previously before coming to WREN? 

I spent the year following my graduation serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA at a non-profit in Spartanburg called BirthMatters. As a VISTA I spent a year working on capacity-building initiatives, focusing on fundraising, communications, and volunteer coordination. Before that, I was lucky enough to intern with various women-forward organizations and to lead my college’s judicial board. 

3.What drove you to get involved in this cause?

Like many Millenial/GenZ-cuspers, my first exposure to Feminism and Social Justice was through Social Media. I found myself being exposed to content that, for the first time in my life, made me want to do something to make change. Finally, I had something that made me angry and something that made me want to know and do more. As time passed my passion grew, eventually leading me to focus on gender studies in college and to pursue a career focusing on the issues that I care about and that inspire me. And now, I am lucky enough to learn more and do good every day through my job! 

4.When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time? 

I love to cook and bake, and when I have the time you can find me trying to master different cuisines. I enjoy reading, running, and a good Netflix binge. I was also very into art as a child, and I hope to pick that back up soon. 

5.If you could meet one person from any period of time, who would it be? 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, so cross your fingers that I meet her! I love that she is an example of the fact that you don’t have to have years of political experience or a Harvard law degree to get involved and make a difference. I hope that she continues to inspire generations of young women, especially women of color, to run for office and feel like their opinions matter.  

6.What is one mantra that you live by? 

“If I can do this, I can do anything.” I say this to myself every time I am in a stressful situation, or I feel like I am in over my head 

7.What’s one thing you’re excited about that’s coming up in 2019/2020? 

I just moved to Columbia, so I am excited to learn more about the city and get involved in my new home! 

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