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Make your voice heard to support SC children: Sign up to testify at the fall 2021 Children’s Committee Hearings

by Ashley Crary Lidow on Sep 2, 2021

Are you passionate about the welfare of children in South Carolina? If so, you should consider testifying at the fall 2021 Children’s Committee hearings across the state. This is an amazing opportunity to provide information to legislators from the House and Senate, as well as key stakeholders who shape many policies that affect the children of South Carolina. Every year the committee hosts hearings across South Carolina that offer a unique opportunity to influence the policy making process from start to finish, rather than waiting until a bill is actively moving through the legislature.  

The Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children will host their annual fall hearings:  

Please send the committee an e-mail at to sign-up for one of the four hearings across the state. Virtual and in-person options will be available for those who wish to speak to the Committee.  

What should be in your testimony?  Come speak to the Committee about your experiences regarding the well-being of children in South Carolina. 

Who should come speak? The committee needs feedback from parents, families, teachers, organizations, and anyone else working with children to help shape their research and future legislation to benefit children. 

Nervous or have questions about testifying? WREN recently hosted two testifier trainings to help you learn the ins and outs of testifying. You can watch one of them here.

To get a sense of what others have said to the committee you can read the summary reports from previous years (you may notice some key WREN issues like pay equity, access to paid leave, and childcare in the reports)  

 If you are interested in learning more about the work of the Children’s Committee you can access additional reports and data books here. 

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