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Let’s Hear it for the Moms!

by WREN Staff on Apr 26, 2017

Have you ever stopped to think about all the ways that moms impact our lives and our communities?  Join us this May as we honor and support the moms and mother-figures across our state.

Nominate a Mom  This week through May 3rd,  WREN will be searching for the moms that have helped our community take flight. To nominate a mom or mother-figure in your life, click here and submit their name and a few sentences on how they empowered you, or your community, through their strength and altruism.  Also be sure to include any of your social media handles, if applicable.  While all submissions will be shared on social media, a select few submissions will be presented with an opportunity to write a brief, blog post to be featured on the WREN website regarding their selected nominee.

Send Your Appreciation  Also be on the look out for another way to send love to a #MamaBird in your life this May.  Honor a mother-figure in your life by sending her a custom pin and note from WREN. More details to come.

Recognize Mom’s Equal Pay Day  On average, full-time working moms make only 69 cents to every dollar earned by full-time working dads. When women are now breadwinners or co-breadwinners in almost two-thirds of American households, it’s crucial that we recognize and discuss the barriers faced at home and in the workforce. To better understand these barriers, WREN will be hosting a Community Conversation open to all moms in our area on May 25th, 5:30pm, at the Richland North Main library.

What will we be talking about?

WREN will be prompting attendees with a few discussion questions that inquire about the opportunities and challenges that mothers face in South Carolina. This will have a particular focus around the workforce, healthcare, and the experience of motherhood. We will be offering a safe space for honest dialogue.

Where will my information go?

This session will not be recorded. Notes will be taken  in order to capture overall themes of the conversation.  All feedback will be used to improve and enhance WREN’s efforts to make South Carolina a great place for women, girls, and their families to live.

Who will attend? 

Interested in participating? Click here and let us know; space is limited.

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