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How to Get to the 2018 Upstate Summit

by Megan Plassmeyer on Aug 15, 2018

WREN will hold its first annual Upstate Summit on November 9th at Furman University. Following a legacy of state-wide events, this full-day conference will provide specialized content and collaborative opportunities geared towards partners, advocates, students, and businesses that work and operate in the Upstate region of South Carolina.

The WREN Upstate Summit will focus on Women’s Economic Empowerment by providing an engaging mix of networking, panel discussions, and initiative development aimed at increasing the economic well-being of diverse women, gender minorities, and families that reside in Upstate communities.

So… how do you convince your boss to let you attend?

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Let’s Start the Conversation

Getting your employer to give you time off AND pay for an event ticket isn’t always easy. To start the conversation with your boss, we drafted a template letter for you to utilize in discussing the importance and return on investment your company will receive by sending you to this inaugural event.



Dear ______________,

I would like to attend the Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network (WREN) Upstate Summit, a regional event that provides specialized content and collaborative opportunities to enhance the economic empowerment of women and families in our community. The summit is geared towards partners, advocates, students, and businesses that work and operate in the Upstate region of South Carolina, and is on November 9th at Furman University.

The is the first time WREN has organized a summit specifically for Upstate constituents, and is a phenomenal opportunity for our organization to weigh-in on the development of local and state-wide economic initiatives. It also will be a great space for professional development, with courses surrounding a wide spectrum of topics, including, the creation of safe and inclusive workplaces, and the art of storytelling.

Attendees are able to make strategic connections that help them with their work, learn new skills and improve existing ones, and increase the visibility of their organization’s work. Dozens of organizers and businesses are already signed-up to attend.

Below is the estimated cost to attend the summit:

Registration rates: $35

Hotel costs:

Transportation costs:


Thank you for considering this great learning and networking opportunity.



Get that Ticket on Lock 

Once you get approval, click here to reserve your seat.  You can also click here to preview our summit agenda, and add/edit additional information to your letter.  Be sure to customize as you see fit!

For questions, concerns, or scholarship information, please contact WREN’s Upstate Liaison, Courtney Thomas, at cthomas@scwren.org.

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