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H.5399 Sent to Conference Committee

by Ashley Lidow on Oct 24, 2022

After months of protests and objections by health care providers, advocates, and the majority of South Carolinians, the South Carolina Legislature is still pushing to pass H.5399.   

On Tuesday, October 18, the Senate voted to “insist” on their version of H.5399. Now the bill will be sent to a conference committee made up of 3 members of the House and 3 members of the Senate to decide which version of the bill they are willing to accept.  

 All abortion bans and restrictions are extreme and target people already marginalized by our health care system to deprive them of abortion access, shame their healthcare decisions, and put unnecessary hurdles in their way. All people should be trusted to make the reproductive healthcare decisions that are best for them — including abortion, on their timeline, and with the resources they need.   

 Email members of the conference committee and tell them to reject H.5399 in all forms. Click here to email members of the committee 

House members assigned to the committee are McCravy, Pope, and Wetmore

Senators assigned to the committee are Massey, Bright Matthews, and Cash.

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