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Governor signs gender-affirming care ban into law

by Kelli R. Parker on May 22, 2024

People holding flags and signs in support of transgender youth being able to receive gender, affirming care.

WREN is immensely disappointed that Governor McMaster signed the discriminatory House Bill 4624 into law yesterday, cruelly banning medically necessary healthcare for transgender youth and some adults in South Carolina.

It is truly disheartening that, in a time when urgent issues like failing schools, gun violence, and the plight of families living on the margins demand immediate attention, South Carolina lawmakers consistently choose to prioritize discrimination and fear. Banning gender-affirming care is another egregious attack on bodily autonomy and a step backward in the pursuit of equality.

Everyone, especially young people, deserves to feel safe and supported at the doctor’s office. This vital, evidence-based healthcare is endorsed by every major medical authority. Denying it disregards widespread medical consensus, violates fundamental human rights, and only exists to push an agenda of hate.

These recent assaults on gender and reproductive justice are not isolated. South Carolina joins 24 other states with new laws that threaten the well-being, dignity, and fundamental freedoms of our transgender neighbors, friends, and loved ones.

Guidance for Trans People and Their Families

Talk to your providers as soon as possible to determine how H.4624 will impact your care.

For Trans Youth

For Trans Adults

Now that H. 4624 has gone into effect, Medicaid and state employee health insurance plans will stop covering gender-affirming care. If your medical provider receives public funding, they could limit their gender-affirming care services. If you need help finding a provider, the Campaign for Southern Equality has a page that might help.

A call to action

Vote for Compassionate Lawmakers

Support Advocacy Organizations

Promote Education & Dialogue

Provide Direct Assistance

While we are sad it’s come to this, we stand in defiant solidarity with our transgender community members and will continue fighting to protect their right to be seen and respected for who they are.

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