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Giving Thanks

by WREN Staff on Nov 22, 2016

Last Thanksgiving, we thought we had a lot to be thankful for.

But somewhere in between the rush of the new year, the cards at Valentine’s Day, and the fireworks on the fourth, we created something bigger than we could have ever imagined. Now alongside this year’s turkey and stuffing, is a nest that reminds us that this year’s Thanksgiving is vastly different than the rest. This November we not only feel thankful for our loved ones, but are thankful for the community that stood beside us, the community that built WREN.

Thank you for standing with us. Keep reading to see what each of our staff members is thankful for this holiday season.

Monarch of Mashed Potatoes: Ann Warner

I am thankful for each and every member of the WRENMOB – these women fight every day to make our state a better place to live, and they also know how to have fun while they’re doing it. And I am so grateful for the support of our members and donors, because we couldn’t do what we do without them.


Countess of Cranberries: Eme Crawford

I’m thankful for launching our new organization, WREN, with the best, smartest, most passionate, hardest working team this side of the Mississippi. And I’m thankful for the support of the hundreds of South Carolinians who joined us at our launch parties across the state and pledged to make South Carolina a better place for the women, girls and families.



Duchess of Dressing: Lara Winburn

I am thankful for all of the seriously smart people I am surrounded by at WREN. I know that they/we are all working to improve South Carolina for women, girls and their families. The two people my husband and I brought into this world, and into this state, deserve that.


Magistroi‎ of Mac n’ Cheese: Ashley Lidow

1) I am grateful that we at WREN have amazing partners in the community willing to share their expertise and passion. Without the collective knowledge of the community we would not be successful in advancing our mission.


2) One superstar advocate that I am thankful for is MelissaAnn Cunningham Sereque also known as MAC. Not only is she an amazingly talented business woman taking over the upstate she also takes the time to contribute to WREN as a Strategic Technical Advisor. MAC is always willing to reach out to a legislator, make connections, and provide support whenever we ask. When the work gets tough, MAC gets to work and I am so grateful that she wants to work with us at WREN.

Sultan of Sweet Potatoes: Megan Plassmeyer

This year I am thankful for the hard work of the team and the support of our community and board members that enabled us to throw three successful launch celebrations. It can sometimes be difficult being the “new kid in town,” but our state has made us feel right at home. Thanks for believing in WREN!


Captain of Casseroles: Brandi Parrish Ellison

I am thankful for the opportunity to shape policies that help South Carolina’s women and girls achieve a brighter future.


President of Pecan Pies: Kayle Wright

I’m thankful for the smart and thoughtful people I get to work with at WREN. From our diligent
Board of Directors to our kind volunteers and interns, WREN has an amazing group of supporters who care about WREN and the work we hope to do for women, girls and their families in SC.


Grand Master of Green Beans: Marcurius Byrd

I am grateful to see more women joining our South Carolina Senate and grateful to see more women in representing our country in the United States Congress. And while it was disappointing not to have a woman be elected to the highest position, it was great to see that majority of people is ready and wanting a woman to lead.


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