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Federal pandemic relief is ending soon, the Senate must act now! 

by WREN Staff on Nov 20, 2020

Millions of people across the country are struggling to get by, including kids who aren’t getting enough to eat because their parents don’t have enough money for groceries and families that are behind on rent and could lose their homes.  

 Programs intended to aid Americans struggling financially due to the ongoing coronavirus will expire at the end of the year unless Congress reaches agreement on a new relief bill.  

Expiration dates of crucial relief include: 

When unemployment benefits expire, 13.5 million Americans, will be left to fend for themselves without knowing how they’re going to meet basic needs. In addition to unemployment benefits, a nationwide eviction moratorium and student loan forbearance will expire at the end of the year putting impossible financial strain on families. State and local jurisdictions will stop receiving funds from the federal government and emergency paid sick leave and family medical leave, which has been proven to reduce the spread of COVID, will also halt. 

While more than 11 million Americans have contracted COVID-19 and nearly 150,000 have died from the disease, the pandemic only appears to be worsening heading into Winter. Without new relief, millions more of Americans could be jobless and unable to provide for themselves. 

We know what’s needed: 

Your vote is only one part of your voice in our democracy—now we must hold our officials accountable. Email your Senator today to urge them to act—>

Already completed the email to your Senators? Here are other ways you can take action today! 

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