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Embracing Bodily Autonomy: A Call for Freedom and Equality  

by Demetria Mosley on Dec 15, 2023

For far too long, the rallying cry of “my body, my choice” has echoed across the globe, a defiant response to the intrusive grasp of politicians attempting to wield control over our bodies. But what exactly does it mean for every individual to have the right to determine what does and doesn’t happen to their own body.?  

At WREN, our unwavering belief is in the unassailable right for anyone, anywhere, to have the freedom to make decisions about their health and their future. When we talk about the right to make choices for ourselves and our bodies, we are talking about the fight for bodily autonomy.   

More than a concept; bodily autonomy is a fundamental cornerstone of personal freedom and human rights. The ability to govern our bodies and health decisions shapes our well-being, dignity, and liberty. It’s about placing the reins of these crucial decisions firmly in the hands of individuals, not in the chambers of political maneuvering. 

People, not politicians, should be in control of those decisions.  WREN stands resolute that championing policies upholding bodily autonomy is integral to advancing the welfare of South Carolina’s women, girls, and gender-diverse individuals. A prosperous South Carolina embodies a society that empowers people with the freedom, resources, and unwavering support to make autonomous choices. 

Join our cause in defending bodily autonomy:  

1. Advocating for Gender Affirming Care  

Gender-affirming care is a pillar of supportive healthcare for transgender and non-binary people.  

For transgender and non-binary children and adolescents, early access to such care is crucial to their overall health and well-being , bolstering confidence and facilitating smoother transitions through the healthcare system.  

Tell lawmakers to oppose bans on gender affirming care here. 


2. Ensuring Access to Reproductive Care 

The Reproductive Freedom Bill of Rights Act is a bold commitment to improving the health and lives of South Carolinians. The bill would repeal existing restrictions on abortion care and affirm the rights to contraception, in vitro fertilization, sex education, and all other forms of reproductive health care. Full access to reproductive health care is essential for the health, education, economic security, and equality of all South Carolinians. 

Take action today to tell your legislators to support this act.


3. Expanding Paid Parental Leave  

Parental leave is crucial to supporting health, economic security, and gender equity in the workplace. No parent should have to choose between bonding with their child and financially supporting their family.  

In the 2021 legislative session, WREN led efforts to secure South Carolina’s first parental leave legislation, guaranteeing six weeks of paid leave for more than 55,000 state employees.  

In the next legislative session, WREN will fight to expand paid leave to a 12-week standard and expand the number of South Carolinians who have access to the benefit. 

Advocate for parental paid leave expansion.  


4. Upholding Antidiscrimination in the Workplace  

This bill is a pivotal step toward outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and characteristics associated with race, such as hair styles and facial features.  

WREN believes that this bill is an important step towards ensuring equity in the workplace, and continues to promote the standard of judging employees by their ability and performance. 

Thank the lawmakers working to combat discrimination in our state. 


In unity, let us rally behind the banner of bodily autonomy, ensuring that every individual’s right to make decisions about their own body remains inviolable. 

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