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Donor Acknowledgements

by WREN Staff on Feb 2, 2017

We all have wonderful women in our life who need to be recognized. Some of our generous donors have decided to honor these women who have had a significant impact.

A group of friends from Greenville, South Carolina chose to give to WREN in memory of their friend Esther Rogers. Martha and David Dolge, Nancy Smith and Pat and Bill Dillard sent their donation with a letter. They wrote, “ Esther Rogers was a strong, beautiful woman who taught high school for 30+ years and truly made a difference in the lives of all of her students at Parker High School. She was choir director of her church and was Miss South Carolina in 1948. We love and miss her.”

Thank you Martha, David, Nancy, Pat, Bill and Ester! The beloved Esther Rogers is pictured to the right.


Special acknowledgements:

Donor: Sandy Morckel

“In support of empowering women in SC in honor of Jennet Robinson Alterman! Thank you for your work on behalf of future generations :-)”

Donor: Martha Adams

“In honor of Laura M. Adams

Donor: Anne Osborne Kilpatrick

“In memory of Sara N. Osborne”

Donor: Michelle Morse

“In honor of Ann and WREN’s important work. “

Donor: Cynthia Mann

“In honor of Emily Mann”

Donor: Clarie Randall

“This donation is in honor of my mother, Sara Randall, and grandmother, Clarice Elder, two strong women who fight for other women.”

Donor: Janene Hemborg

“For Ashley Crary Lidow/WREN”

Donor: Emma Davidson Tribbs

“For Isla, and all the little South Carolina girls.

Donor: Elizabeth Petit

“In Memory of Mike Pence. “

Donor: Lindsey Spires Griffin

“In honor of Leigh Stuckey.”

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