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Do you want to teach Advocacy 101?

by WREN Staff on Jun 3, 2021

WREN provides Advocacy 101 training to build the strength and knowledge of our network.  This training includes information about the legislative process and how individuals can get involved with advocacy at the state house. Check out our latest training below and contact us at info@scwren.org to schedule a training session!

If you enjoyed the Advocacy 101 video above, consider teaching Advocacy 101!

For the first time ever, we’re offering advocates within our network the opportunity to become Advocacy 101 trainers. During this virtual two-day event, participants will learn how to successfully facilitate Advocacy 101 training for their friends and family, civic groups, religious organizations, and other community-based entities.

The 2-session training will be held via Zoom on June 15th at 6:30 PM and June 16th at 6:30 PM.

Please read below if you are interested in becoming an Advocacy 101 trainer. If after careful consideration you decide to join us, be sure to register for the Zoom call. Spaces are limited. 

Who should attend? 

What can participants expect?

How will this training help build the network? 

WREN is committed to continually expanding our network across the state of South Carolina in a meaningful way, creating new pathways to advocacy, and increasing access for advocacy spaces for members of our network. Advocacy 101 trainers will support WREN in offering the training to more individuals and communities, sharing helpful tools that will welcome more people to the network and create more confidence in engaging advocacy spaces.

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