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The Difference Between “Technically” and “Actually”

by WREN Staff on Aug 15, 2017

UPDATED 8.30.2017: Deadline Extended

Technically, current FDA regulations allow emergency contraception (EC) — birth control that prevents pregnancy after sex — to be sold directly on the shelf to women and men of any age with no restrictions.

But actually, reports from around the country indicate that in many places, finding EC over-the-counter is not that simple.

Here’s where The American Society for Emergency Contraception (ASEC) needs your help!

In order to better understand access and price of EC in South Carolina, it’s important that we talk about what EC access looks like in our communities.

Next time you take a trip to your local pharmacy or store, use this survey to help us report on the price and display of EC. It can easily be loaded on your phone or mobile device, and all information will be sent to ASEC.

Taking ten minutes to report on contraceptive access is a great way to take action and help ensure that our friends and family members are receiving the care they need.

The collection deadline is August 25.

Click here to open the survey. 

And for a brief (and entertaining!) primer on the science behind EC, click here.

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