Demand More for Black Women

by Sarah Nichols on Aug 30, 2018

August 7th was Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, which means that a black woman would have to work more than 200 additional days to make the same amount of money a white man makes in a year.

And August 7th is certainly a significant, symbolic representation of the inequities that still exist for black women in modern society. However, we can’t contain these discussions to just one day.

This is why we were lucky to have Joi Chaney, the director of the Equal Pay Today Campaign on our #FacebookLiveFridays to discuss black women’s equal pay and what we can do to #DemandMore for black women.

Watch the full video here:

We are LIVE with Joi Chaney of Equal Pay Today to discuss #BlackWomensEqualPay and how we can #DemandMore. Comment with a 💲emoji if you're watching and any questions you might have!

Posted by Women's Rights and Empowerment Network- WREN on Friday, August 17, 2018


So here’s the golden question: what do you say to folks who claim that it is “personal choices” that cause the wage gap?

So let’s get down to some of the nitty-gritty:

What it all comes down to?

“We have to reframe and believe that women are worthy of our investment as a nation…and we simply have to demand it, even if they’re not ready. In 2018 we have to cash it in.”

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